Hello Bozeman Montana, Hello Montana State University

The Bozeman airport was the recommended airport to get to Yellowstone.  Prior to landing at the airport, I’d assume Bozeman airport was some sort of small, dingy airport where tourists go just to go to Yellowstone.  But when I arrived, I was thoroughly impressed by how clean and themed the airport was.  Anyway, that’s why we were at Bozeman.

I continued to be dazzled by the fact that because of going to Yellowstone, I had to travel through 3 states – Montana for the airport, Idaho for the Airbnb, and Wyoming for the actual Yellowstone National Park.

Very midwest feel, lots of people wearing cowboy hats, and magnificent trees.  Downtown Bozeman feels very much like college town, with lots of support for their university as everywhere was displaying their mascot the Bobcat.

Downtown Bozeman

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One Day In San Francisco

San Francisco to me has never been one of my favourite cities.  I’m definitely more of a SoCal person than Norcal. I just feel like there’s not much to do in SF, homeless people are scattered in different areas particularly in downtown, where you’ll be able to smell piss, food is mediocre and expensive, accommodations are expensive, and people there are too carefree and “chill” for my taste (for example partying in tshirts and shorts and slippers).  And I’ve been here multiple times and my perspective hasn’t changed.  You can read that right from the title of my other SF blog I Didn’t Leave My Heart in San Francisco

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Grand Teton – One Day Visit Itinerary

If you’ve never been to Yellowstone, you would think that Grand Teton is one of the most incredible national parks in the world.  We went in early/middle October, right after Yellowstone.  To be honest, it’s very hard to top Yellowstone, but Grand Teton by itself is magnificent to go to regardless and should be included as part of your Yellowstone trip.  While most blogs might advise two days to visit Grand Teton, we managed to do it one day at a comfortable pace.

Grand Teton encompasses mountain ranges, pristine lakes, valleys, rivers, open skies, alpine terrains, and if you’re lucky beautiful wildlife.  In Grand Teton, your itinerary should be almost like a loop.

If you are coming from Yellowstone, unless you are already living south of Yellowstone, I highly recommend moving to an accommodation near Jackson so it’s more convenient for you to reach Grand Teton.  For more information on Jackson, you can read Jackson Hole, The Affluent Town.

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Jackson Hole, The Affluent Town

To preface this blog post, technically Jackson is the town while Jackson Hole refers to the entire valley. But to make it easier for everyone to recognize the place, I’ve named the blog post as Jackson Hole, The Affluent Town.  In fact, besides our Airbnb, most of the things we’ve visited is around the Jackson Hole Town Square.

Prior to this trip, I didn’t really had any impression about midwest places, probably a bit more cowboy themed and less affluent than cities like Los Angeles.  While the cowboy part + wild west themes were quite true (lots of people wearing cowboy hats and plaid shirts), little did I know I would actually enjoy Jackson Hole very much.  The town is very clean, polite, more upscale… a lot of my non-US friends complain before that US didn’t have any culture, basically it was just burgers and movies and cities… everything that you can find mainstream globally.  But if you really want to experience “American culture” you have to go to Midwest, or at least Jackson Hole because you really do experience the midwest culture here, very different from top cities like LA and NY.

Speaking of difference, having visited Los Angeles and New York and other cities like San Jose and San Francisco, the race population is quite diverse.  When I was in Idaho / Montana / Wyoming (Jackson Hole), the population is over 95% white, so it was quite refreshing to go to a town that has a different population group.  The obvious question might be asked – did I experience racism (I’m Asian)? To be quite honest, not at all, except for one weird elongated glance from a neighbour when we first moved in our luggage to our airbnb when we first arrived, but other than that never felt it, despite being in a predominantly white area.

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Napa Valley, Round Two

Due to our decision not to go to Yosemite, we decided to go to Muir Woods and then Napa Valley.

This is my second time going to Napa Valley, and I have to say that this time the wineries I visited were even better than the first one!  Perhaps it was because the first time around, I was guided by a tour on Viator, but this time I got to choose to go to the higher class wineries.

If you haven’t already, you can also check out my blog post the first time I visited Napa Valley at Missed my Bus at Napa Valley and Sonoma County



Bouchon BakeryThe one we ended up going, Bouchon Bakery. There was a long line throughout the day! Continue reading Napa Valley, Round Two

The Gigantic Trees of Muir Woods

Muir Woods National Monument is a great and wonderful walk for families, seniors, and even advanced hikers.

We were supposed to go to Yosemite. But after realizing that most of the water from the waterfalls has dried up there, and that the Glacier Point Road was closed in 2022, meaning we won’t have driving access to other viewing points such as Glacier Point, Sentinel Dome, and Taft Point, we decided that it wasn’t as worthwhile to go there and we planned something different.

Just a little north of San Francisco, Muir Woods is one of the last remaining preserved redwood forests in the Bay Area. Some of the redwood trees are 1,000 years old and reach more than 250 feet tall.

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Ex NYC and LA Trip

Just a quick itinerary that I followed a few years back when I went to NYC and LA:


New York

  • Supreme
  • nouveauyork.com
  • Brooklyn Brewery
  • Central Park
  • Hipster towns in Brooklyn Williamsburg
  • Musical – The Book of Mormon
  • Soho
  • Chelsea Market
  • Sleep No More
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar
  • residentadvisor.net
  • MoMa
  • Littleneck ($1 oysters)
  • Upstairs 145 E. 50th Street
  • Strand Book Store, BookCourt, the powerhouse Arena
  • RedEgg, Blind Barber, La Esquina, Spotted Pig
  • Nightclubs: Pacha, Lavo, Casa Mono

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How To Plan The Perfect Family Camping Trip in United Kingdom

It goes without saying that life was a little different during lockdown – and the experience (aside from one too many zoom meetings), was a little different for each person, there were certain things that we were all looking forward to when we were trapped indoors. For example, the majority of people across the world spent this time dreaming about travelling once again (or working through their travel bucket list).  

While international travel is now possible, changing restrictions mean that booking a holiday has never been more difficult (or confusing). However, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to drift far from home in order to have a good holiday. For example, the UK is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the world – and these natural landscapes draw in thousands of tourists each year.

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Hong Kong Vaccination Lucky Draw Programs

As the city continues to combat and mitigate the spread of Covid 19, different companies and enterprises have started offering rewards and lucky draws for those who have been vaccinated.  This page is dedicated to showcase all the different schemes that are going on.

This page and website are not an endorsement nor a discouragement for vaccination; the choice for vaccination is embedded in multiple different factors for each individual, and as such each person should understand the benefits and risks prior to receiving vaccination.

Anyway, moving on to the good stuff:

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