The End Of Blogging?

Starfield Library, Seoul

I started blogging around the year of 2011.  During that time, I had a blog parked under my name, writing various topics including funny / humor, human psychology, music, and more.  Over the years, based on Google Analytics, travel was the most popular topic that was read the most in that blog.  To better focus on this one topic, I decided to transfer all my old blog posts into this blog.

It’s been over eight years now since I have had this blog.  I love travelling, and I think it’s something I won’t ever stop doing.  There’s just so much to see in this world that I highly and always encourage anyone to travel as much as possible, especially when you do not have parents or children to take care of, and especially when you have enough savings and have enough time to do so.  My dream job would be to be able to work remotely while travelling from one country to another during their best seasonal weather.

With almost every travel experience I’ve done over the years, I’ve accompanied it with a blog post about everything I’ve done.  I’ve been encouraged by friends that they find my blog posts useful, and despite being a “hobby blog”, I still get enough traction from the hundreds of visitors that come here that push me to continue writing on this blog.

Writing a blog takes a lot of time though, and I mean a lot.  Each blog post that you see here consumes days of my time, from converting photos to their proper format, filtering out the best photos to show (I know and I still show a lot of photos), researching and properly figuring out the right captions and metadata for each photo, writing extensively on what I did and what my thoughts are whether it’s an activity or an event or an experience or the restaurants of hotels or airbnbs we stayed at, proofreading and editing and making sure the links work properly etc.  It’s a lot of work, and as just a hobby with 0 income, it’s very difficult to maintain without it affecting other parts of my life.

And given the things and activities I do during my travelling, I find other travel blogs / vlogs to be better researched and better written than what I’ve written here.  There’s really no point for me to just be a worse written blog post semi-copycat.

I do know where my advantages are at.  I write lengthy blog posts (good and bad), I post a ton of photos, I do visit restaurants and hotel accommodations where other travel bloggers may not have visited, and I am pretty honest and blunt.  I think most travel bloggers try to write everything in a positive light either because they are sponsored to or don’t want to offend anyone, but I give out real opinions on whether the restaurants or hotels I visited were worth it.

And as such, as you might have guessed, I am going to pause writing on my travel blog indefinitely.  Maybe there might be a few places that do inspire me to write a blog post or two each year, but I will not be writing as actively as I had over the past few years as I feel I am not contributing that much where other travel bloggers would have already covered, and it just takes a lot of time and work which I simply do not have.

To end things on a positive note however, Travel with a Butterfly isn’t completely gone.  I will instead try to post more regularly on my Instagram account which you can follow at  Besides posting videos and photos, I will do what I have been doing which is writing what those videos and photos were from like restaurants or hotels or things I did and my thoughts on it.  I think timewise it makes much more sense for me to focus more on Instagram (will take much less time) than having to properly research and write an essay for every post.  So give my Instagram a follow!

With that being said, who knows, maybe I will resume my blog again in the future, but as of now this is where I stand in terms of website blog.

Ps. Featured photo here was taken in Starfield Library in Seoul.

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