The Ultimate Guide For Exploring Nice

Ah… Nice!  The most central location for the French Riviera.  Nice is probably the best place to serve as your base when visiting French Riviera.  In fact, it was where we stayed most days when we were visiting Monaco, Eze, Menton, Cannes, and almost went to Saint-Jean-Cap-Ferret if it weren’t time constraints.

Today, I will write a blog about the two hotels we stayed at, and the random things we did around Nice.  If you want to find more information about where to eat in Nice, you should check out my Bakeries to Fine Dining Restaurants in Nice blog post as I cover a few bakeries, and from a simple café to a one star Michelin fancy restaurant.

For everything about French Riviera, here are the couple of blog posts you should read about as well after this – my first time at Cote D’Azur, one day itinerary at Menton and Monaco, one day itinerary for Èze and Cannes, visiting a vineyard at Chateau de Cremat, seeing lesser known touristy spots like Saint Maxime, Verdon Gorge, Plateau de Valensole, and Gréoux-les-bains, and a weekend at Saint Tropez.

Let’s start.

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The Fantastic Bakeries to the Fine Dining Restaurants in Nice, France

Since there is so much stuff I want to write about for Nice, I’m going to be splitting the Nice blog posts into two parts – basically one for the places I ate, which will be this blog post, and everything else, including the hotels, in the next post.  We ate a diverse range of different restaurants, from bakeries and pastries, to taverns, to one star Michelin starred restaurants.

Here are all the blog posts I’ve written so far about the French Riviera:

My first time at Cote D’azur

A One Day Itinerary to Menton and Monaco

One Day Itinerary for Èze and Cannes

Chateau de Cremat – the Bellet wine vineyard near Nice

Sainte Maxime, Plateau de Valensole, Verdon Gorge, and Gréoux-les-bains

What We Recommend for you to do in Saint Tropez

The Ultimate Guide For Exploring Nice

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What We Did That We Recommend For You To Do in Saint Tropez

So!  You decided to read about this Saint Tropez blog to get the best tips to meet a celebrity here?  Or better yet, which places are the best to eat at and to party?  Well, while we did not spot any celebrities for our 1.5 days at Saint Tropez this time, I did spot Arnold Schwarzenegger last time which you can read about in my Cote D’azur blog post I wrote about six years ago.  You can read about my past experience in Saint Tropez last time around there as well.

This time, we also managed to go to many awesome places to eat and party, despite our short time in Saint Tropez.  I’ll also be talking about prices, where we stayed, getting around, getting to Saint Tropez and more.

You can read about other parts of the French Riviera I’ve been to, such as Eze and Cannes, Menton and Monaco, Chateau de Cremat for the Bellet vineyards, and less touristy regions of Cote D’azur such as Sainte Maxime, Plateau de Valensole, Verdon Gorge and Gréoux-les-bains.  You can see the places I ate in Nice and also the places I walked around and stayed at in Nice as well.  Wanna check out my travel video shorts?  Check out our Youtube.

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Hidden Gems of the French Riviera – Sainte Maxime, Plateau de Valensole, Verdon Gorge and Gréoux-les-Bains

When you search French Riviera, you will often see the search results filled with Nice, Eze, Monaco, Cannes, Antibes, and Saint Tropez.  Actually, why bother searching when I could tell you about my first time going to Cote D’Azur?  Or I wrote again in my blog (2nd time going) about going to Eze and Cannes and Menton and Monaco. So you can check all of them out.  You can see my video clips at  Or if you’re like me, a tourist who wants to visit the off beaten paths and go to less touristy places, you can check out Sainte Maxime, Plateau de Valensole, Verdon Gorge and Gréoux-les-Bains.  It’s so less touristy that most of the people in the region, including the staff in the hotel, that they actually don’t speak English at all.  You can also read about Saint Tropez or places to eat in Nice or things to do in Nice.

We stopped by Sainte Maxime from Saint Tropez because we had to drop off our friend.  He had to go back to Nice to catch his flight the next day.  At first, he didn’t really want to go to Saint Tropez because of the inconvenience of going to St. Tropez and back to Nice and worried he might miss his flight.  But since we were driving to Plateau de Valensole for the lavender fields, we would pass by Sainte Maxime there, which would be easier for him to catch an Uber, take it to Saint-Raphaël, and take a train back to Nice in the evening.  I think the uber from Saint Maxime to Saint-Raphaël costed about €50. Had he taken from Saint Tropez directly to Nice, it would probably costed him €300!!

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One Day Itinerary for Èze AND Cannes

This is my second time going to Èze and Cannes.  To read about my first time experience, you can read about my Cote D’azur blog, the time where I get to see Arnold Schwarzenegger in person as well.  If you want to read about my recent blog post about one day itinerary for Menton and Monaco, click here.  For raw video clips, go to

In my opinion, both places don’t actually have much to see as a tourist.  When you visit Eze, you’re mainly going to see the botanical garden.  When you go to Cannes, it’s mainly just shopping, clubbing, and good dining, but not many tourist attractions per se.



Originally, Eze wasn’t part of my itinerary in this trip, and for good reason.  I felt that going to Eze, there wasn’t much to do, as I mentioned, but during an Uber ride from Cremat Castle back to Nice, the uber driver we had suggested as a first time tourist that Eze was beautiful and we should definitely visit, so fine I’ll go again to Eze. Continue reading One Day Itinerary for Èze AND Cannes

A One Day Itinerary to Menton AND Monaco

This is my first time going to Menton, but my second time going to Monaco (and the rest of my south of France trip).  If you want to read about my experience the first time, you can read about my Cote D’azur blog which I actually saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in person.  For raw video clips on this trip, visit my Youtube shorts.

Menton is often treated as a “second priority” when it comes to the south of France.  When you research about places to go in the French Riviera, it’s always Nice, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Eze, Antibes, and Monaco.  But to be quite honest, despite my limited time in Menton, I actually thoroughly enjoyed my time there and I definitely don’t think Menton should be disregarded, and perhaps should take higher precedence than other places in the French Riviera.

I actually had made reservations for a three star Michelin restaurant called Mirazur, as recommended by Alexander The Guest in his youtube video.  The reservation wasn’t very difficult, as I just went online to make the reservation for lunch.  The only problem was, I decided to cancel it, not because of the price, but because of realising how long the meal would take.  At best, it would probably take at least 2.5 hours, but it could potentially go up to four hours, and given the limited amount of time we had at Menton before we had to reunite with our friends in Monaco, we decided to spend our time elsewhere touring around Menton.  But I’m putting it out there in case you have a whole day and do plan to dine at a fantastic restaurant with magnificent views; you can let me know how it goes! Continue reading A One Day Itinerary to Menton AND Monaco

Cote D’Azur with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Yachts, and Bastille Attack

You see all these pictures of the French Riviera and think this area cannot be that nice right?  Right?  When I arrived in Nice, it was everything I expected and more.

I was based mainly in Nice for the week I was at Cote D’Azur… Nice is ideal if you’re traveling to places like Monaco, Antibes, Eze, and Saint Tropez.  Actually, I would recommend staying one night at Saint Tropez as there is no public transportation to go there (well very inconvenient), so usually people either take the boat or drive there themselves.  Besides Saint Tropez (spent a night there), all of my other trips were day trips.  I didn’t go to Marseille, but from what I’ve looked at you will probably need more than a day there plus it is a bit farther.  However, you can definitely go there by public transportation, ideally the SNCF train. Continue reading Cote D’Azur with Arnold Schwarzenegger, Yachts, and Bastille Attack

Shop, Shop, Shop in Paris

My trip to France was split into two parts – one was a few days in Paris at the beginning and one day at the end, and in the middle was my trip to Cote d’Azur.  If you’ve seen my older posts before, you will know that I’ve been to Paris once… although it was just for a two day weekend trying to cramp all the tourist attractions possible.  So if you’re looking for more info on Eiffel Tower, Sacred Coeur, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, the love lock bridge etc., I suggest you read my post C’est Paris!.  The purpose of my visit for Paris this time around is to act a little less touristy. Continue reading Shop, Shop, Shop in Paris

C’est Paris!

A short excerpt from Jan. 4, 2014 while on the train to Paris, “It’s Saturday 9am.  I’ve only slept a little over 2 hours at the moment.  It seems that the taste of beer hasn’t completely left my stomach yet.  Neither my stomach nor my head seem to be friends with me right now.  I am dehydrated.  Instead of sleeping and waking up early to catch the 6:18am train to Paris, my friends and I decided it would be better off to party our asses off.  We initially tried Ministry of Sound at first.  Yes the legend, the place where all EDM was created and played and the record label that produces many many super DJs.  To our disappointment, the place was closed.  It was cause Christmas and New Year apparently was an extended holiday in London, more like a 2 week vacation than a 2 day vacation.  No problem.  This time we decided to check out Funky Buddha.  It was a risk – we were wearing tourist clothes; well I was.  White pants with stain. A fur jacket which was layered with another twin jacket, a mullet, and white shoes, the killer of going to a classy club.  Anyway we tried going in and boom there we are, we managed to get into the ‘Sugar’ (old HK club) of London.  BURP.  There’s another weird taste lingering in my mouth.  That’s the taste of the salted roast beef we had walking back to (my friend’s) place pretty much passing Brick Lane and all the sketchy places there was but that salty roast beef was amazingly good.”

Arriving in Paris, I clearly wasn’t in my best state.  Neither did I have any time to recover as I had a short two day weekend before my trip back to London.  So within this short span, I was determined to visit all the touristy locations in Paris.  This included little sleep and well organized planning. Continue reading C’est Paris!