Xin Chao Da Nang

Xin Chao Da Nang!

I’ve been ‘xin chaoed’ endlessly by the courteous and well trained staff at Angsana Lang Co.  The resort was a sister company of the famous Banyan Tree resort chain, and we’ve been told that Angsana was not that different from Banyan Tree, except for the cheaper price and that Banyan tree Lang Co seems to have more privacy as each accommodation was its own villa, while we would have two other floors in the same building.  But still, ours was very private already, there were no intersections between us and the tenants at the other floors.

Anyway, just like a lot of South East Asian countries, hotel staff members tend to be very friendly, courteous, and in a way subservient.  We tested their politeness by working out this theory, and it worked!  Whenever you make eye contact with a staff member, they must make eye contact with you and give you a smile, and then also say Xin Chao (which means hello in Vietnamese). Continue reading Xin Chao Da Nang