Tour Around the Ex-Sham Shui Po Service Reservoir

This is going to be a very short blog post.  But I just wanted to write this quickly because a couple of weeks ago, I went to the Ex-Sham Shui Po Service Reservoir tour in Hong Kong, and the tour exceeded my expectations!

Despite the images of the service reservoir and how it looks like as if you’ve traveled back to Europe, what was the most fascinating of this place wasn’t the remnants of the reservoir, but actually the presentation on the history of Hong Kong’s water situation and why the reservoir was built, as well as a guided tour talking about why the service reservoir was designed the way it was.

You’ll get to learn about the history of why the service reservoir was built, how some districts that we can stand on Hong Kong were actually the sea, problems when distributing water before, water shortage problems in Hong Kong, how Hong Kong people behaved back in the days to manage the water supply, and so many more interesting tidbits of information. Continue reading Tour Around the Ex-Sham Shui Po Service Reservoir

Hong Kong Vaccination Lucky Draw Programs

As the city continues to combat and mitigate the spread of Covid 19, different companies and enterprises have started offering rewards and lucky draws for those who have been vaccinated.  This page is dedicated to showcase all the different schemes that are going on.

This page and website are not an endorsement nor a discouragement for vaccination; the choice for vaccination is embedded in multiple different factors for each individual, and as such each person should understand the benefits and risks prior to receiving vaccination.

Anyway, moving on to the good stuff:

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Tai Nan Street 大南街 – the Taiwan of Hong Kong? Boutique shops, cafes, indie music, and more

I had zero intention of writing this blog post.  Even when I first stumbled across the street, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind.

After having lunch at the prominent and long established名寶石餐廳 Tiffany Restaurant, I had some spare time and wanted to head over to White Noise Records, since I was already at Prince Edward’s.  Google Maps suggested it was an 11 minute walk from where I was.

White Noise Records was one of the few record stores in Hong Kong that sold indie music, from vinyls to CDs to merchandises, featuring Japanese, American, Hong Kong local artists etc.  It used to be upstairs in an unassuming building, but apparently that’s all changed as it has relocated to Tai Nan Street.

Upon arriving to the area, a lot of boutique cafés, stores, leather shops, terrarium shops greeted me.  They stood out because of how its exterior look was far different from its adjacent shops, the newer ones being far more elegant and clean.  What used to be the “ugly duckling” was turning into a beautiful swan. Continue reading Tai Nan Street 大南街 – the Taiwan of Hong Kong? Boutique shops, cafes, indie music, and more

Honbo Wombo

Conquering the burger scene in Hong Kong in just a little over a year, Honbo is the place to go now to fulfil your burger cravings.  Even the name (which means burger in Cantonese) has a winning “ring” to it.  I had the extreme pleasure to speak with Michael Chan, the owner of Honbo, to discuss how and why Honbo has succeeded, where the future is headed for the burger joint, as well as the celebrities that have been to his restaurant.


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Twenty Not As Touristy Things To Do In Hong Kong

Looking for something fun and interesting to do in Hong Kong?  Look no further as I present to you 20 Not As Touristy Things To Do right now in Hong Kong.

quick update (as of Oct. 15, 2023): This post was made almost 8 years ago so many things have changed. Some shops you see on Star Street and Ship Street are no longer here. I think the Tai O Infinity Pool is banned from entering now. Bubble Football is no more. If you want a complete list of many more activities to do in Hong Kong, I suggest you check out my travel bucket list page, where I wrote a lot of things to do in Hong Kong. Continue reading Twenty Not As Touristy Things To Do In Hong Kong

The Stallery

Random Encounter.  I met Ernie (Ernest Chang) through a mutual friend of ours at Tai Lung Fung.  After an unexpected drunken night, I was impressed by just how ridiculously smart he was and how passionate he is with photography.  So I decided to ask him if he was willing to do an interview with me and thankfully, he agreed.  A recovered drug addict with ADD, it seems that I have much more to learn from him than he has from me.  Through this interview, he has taught me how to appreciate the medium of photography in an in depth manner, an appreciation which is also applicable to life in general.  Ernie considers himself not a photographer, but as an artist in the medium of photography.  Enough with the intro, let’s continue on with the interview. Continue reading The Stallery