How To Plan The Perfect Family Camping Trip in United Kingdom

It goes without saying that life was a little different during lockdown – and the experience (aside from one too many zoom meetings), was a little different for each person, there were certain things that we were all looking forward to when we were trapped indoors. For example, the majority of people across the world spent this time dreaming about travelling once again (or working through their travel bucket list).  

While international travel is now possible, changing restrictions mean that booking a holiday has never been more difficult (or confusing). However, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to drift far from home in order to have a good holiday. For example, the UK is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the world – and these natural landscapes draw in thousands of tourists each year.

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Good Morning London!

On my flight to Barcelona, I had a layover at London (see my previous post at Celebrating the New Year in London).  Not only was it about 10 hours of layover, I had to change from Heathrow airport to Gatwick.  Best of all, we landed at Heathrow at 4:30am, which was the time that Heathrow was actually open (thought most major airports were opened 24/7) and so our flight was hovering for 5 mins since we got there early.

No sweat; at least I got to ride on British Airways business class.

British Airways

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Celebrating the New Year in London

Similar to the Paris post, this trip was done a year ago.  In fact, the Paris trip was a side trip from my couple of days in London.  The point is, it’s been a while and again I may not have the full details of this trip.  What I do remember vividly however, is arriving at about 5:30am to my hostel, hoping the sun would come out at about 8-9am, only to wait till 4pm before it appeared, before it quickly hid itself again at 6pm.  It’s official – I do not like the weather in London during the winter.  Raining everyday…  Dates I travelled: Dec. 29, 2013 to Jan. 7, 2014.  Below are a couple of useful tips and pictures along with descriptions for some of them. Continue reading Celebrating the New Year in London