Hipstering in Wonderfruit

Wonderfruit is supposed to be the Asia “Burning Man”, or at least it was somewhat influenced by it.  Created by a bunch of rich Thai kids, Wonderfruit is a wonderful event for you to explore, dance, create, and experience.  And doing all that in hipster clothes and style.

The discovery of this event was during a tipsy moment when we were talking about my Visvim friend’s chair in his apartment.  He bought the chair in the music festival, and soon enough, the hype about the event led to my impulsive purchase for an early bird ticket of the event later in the night.  I bought my ticket extremely early, in July, to show commitment that I am definitely going to the event and that other people will follow suit since I’ve committed.  The worst is when a group of friends talk about doing an event, and no one follows through, and ends up no one goes to the event.  Once one person does it, other people will want to join. Continue reading Hipstering in Wonderfruit

Wat To Do In Chiang Mai

Chiang Mai is one of those places where you hear about it, then you’re like, “Why not go somewhere else in Thailand?  We could go Bangkok, or Phuket…”  Well, first of all I’ve been to both.  Secondly, it’s also one of HK Express’ destinations from Hong Kong.  And if you have enough days (we didn’t), you can go to Myanmar or Laos since Chiang Mai is more north. Continue reading Wat To Do In Chiang Mai