Hipstering in Wonderfruit

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit is supposed to be the Asia “Burning Man”, or at least it was somewhat influenced by it.  Created by a bunch of rich Thai kids, Wonderfruit is a wonderful event for you to explore, dance, create, and experience.  And doing all that in hipster clothes and style.

The discovery of this event was during a tipsy moment when we were talking about my Visvim friend’s chair in his apartment.  He bought the chair in the music festival, and soon enough, the hype about the event led to my impulsive purchase for an early bird ticket of the event later in the night.  I bought my ticket extremely early, in July, to show commitment that I am definitely going to the event and that other people will follow suit since I’ve committed.  The worst is when a group of friends talk about doing an event, and no one follows through, and ends up no one goes to the event.  Once one person does it, other people will want to join.

Anyway, Wonderfruit was actually supposed to happen in the middle of December 2016.  Due to the unfortunate passing of King Bhumibol Adulyadej, Thai people had to pay their respects to the passing of the king and had to mourn for several months, and a lot of entertainment was suspended including Wonderfruit itself.  After days of silence, the Wonderfruit organizers decided to delay the event till February.  Thankfully I had only bought my ticket and not the flight or accommodations yet.

So this is the third time that Wonderfruit is being hosted.  I’m very glad I went, it was fun, and I wouldn’t mind going again.  Apparently, the Thai celebrities go on Friday when there is less people, because Saturday was the most packed day usually.

For this post, I’ll talk about Pattaya and the accommodation briefly, then chronologically talk about my general experience at Wonderfruit.



There was a special partnership deal Wonderfruit had with Thai Airways, the airline that we took.  I actually generally like airline meals, unlike most people, and actually the chicken green curry I had on the way to Bangkok was one of the best plane meals I’ve ever had, even better than many other chicken green curry in Thai restaurants in Hong Kong.

And yes, we took a plane to Bangkok airport, because there wasn’t any direct flight from Hong Kong to Pattaya.  Although the difference would have been minimal, because from Bangkok airport to Pattaya was about 2 hours, and if we were to land in Pattaya airport, it would have taken 1 hour to reach the city center anyway.

Pattaya AirportThere was a looooong queue to pass the immigration counter in Bangkok airport.  Took an hour.

Bangkok AirportMany, many ads and displays paying respect to King Bhumibol Adulyadej.  This one is at the airport.

Bangkok AirportInside the airport.

There’s a famous saying that Good Guys Go To Heaven, Bad Guys Go To Pattaya.  And it lives up to this saying’s reputation – streets and bars there are filled with old expat men above their 60’s with young and exposed Thai women.



PattayaAlong the streets.  This one is more empty, but there are some packed with the usual “profiles”


PattayaSome place with many street food stalls.  Usually my favorite, but they looked a bit too dirty and sketch.

PattayaAs I wouldn’t have time to try some local Thai food, went to a restaurant/bar nearby my place.  Taste is OK, but before this photo was taken, there was a strand of hair at the bottom part of it >.<  I didn’t eat that part.


We stayed at Adelphi Suites as it was one of the featured accommodations of Wonderfruit, and therefore there was a special promotion going on that place.  Still, it took about 30-40 minutes from this place to reach to Wonderfruit, so perhaps next time we’ll see if there’s a place even closer to Wonderfruit.

Overall, you would find the place spacious, but a little bit woody and brown.  To be honest, it felt as if the staff had just “cleaned enough” to make sure that the next guest would find it acceptable, but not impeccably speckless.  Whatever, I was here for the music festival anyway, and coming back just to shower and sleep.

Adelphi Pattaya

Adelphi Pattaya

Adelphi PattayaThe towels didn’t feel extraordinarily fresh, just felt like something they put in the laundry and dryer and got it out for the next person to use.

Adelphi PattayaHallway

Adelphi PattayaThe busy street near Adelphi

PP Body MassageA massage place opposite of Adelphi.  Didn’t go, no time and no interest.  Funny enough, the Thai words were on the top right, and it featured a massive English, then Chinese, title on it.


Finally we come to the main purpose of this post, Wonderfruit Music Festival!  Yes and to be frank, I didn’t spend any time exploring Pattaya this trip around, as most of our time was spent at Wonderfruit.  On the first night, we got to Wonderfruit at around 11pm and stayed till 4am ish.  The second day, we were there by 12pm and stayed till 3am.  Then I had to leave my hotel at 9am to get to the Bangkok International Airport, so time was tight.

It’s hard to talk about Wonderfruit in detail, it’s not something you write about.  It’s an event where you go there and feel and experience and enjoy yourself.  I can say that Wonderfruit is both a chill, laid back event but at the same time, especially during the evenings and nights, it can be more like a party but without everyone cramped with each other.

Below are pictures from the event, and I’ll offer any commentary that I think is useful or relevant to each picture.  The festival was located at The Fields at Siam Country Club.

PattayaOur transport to Wonderfruit.  600 baht for 7 of us plus a Singaporean “Time is Money” girl who paid her own 200 baht.  She was in a hurry to go to the event so she gave an amazing time is money quote that will forever be remembered.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Along the way.

Wonderfruit 2016/17And we’re here!!!

Wonderfruit MapMap of Wonderfruit

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17One of the music “rooms”, the Forbidden Fruit

Wonderfruit 2016/17Inside the Forbidden Fruit.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17So many food stall places scattered around Wonderfruit.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Sometimes these food stalls carry some good stuff.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Straight Outta Thonglor.  Another eating place.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17I’m telling you, food is everywhere.  There’s also local Thai food stalls as well.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17Rainforest Pavilion, also another music venue, probably one of my favorites.

Wonderfruit 2016/17One of the Wonderfruiters.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Inside Rainforest Pavilion.  That little “hut” is their bar

Wonderfruit 2016/17Again, Rainforest Pavilion.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17<3

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17Inside a bar/lounge area.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Wonderfruit had a lot of nice architectural designs.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17The primary colors for light.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Back to the Breast.  Not sure the purpose of this naming.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Inside a breast.  Out in 2 seconds.  It stank.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Trying to capture the moon and the crowd.  Friday Mood for sure.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Iron man wannabe.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17More artwork

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17This is at the Quinary.  We had to walk about 10 minutes away from the main area to come to here.  This is where the after parties are, and usually go from 12am to the next morning.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17Still at Quinary

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/174am, we’re all pretty exhausted, time to go.  7 of us, 1000 baht.  No negotiations… there was no other transportation left, no ubers nearby.  So 4 of us sat at the back of a pickup truck, including myself.  Actually I wanted to, to feel the “rawness” of this place.  I felt it fitting to be in a bumpy non seater in Pattaya rather than, let’s say, a limousine.  Funny story – so I wore a cowboy hat, and while trying to adjust my hat, it flew off.  Luckily the driver braked fast enough, and I was able to get the hat in the middle of the road… there were no cars behind us.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Wonderfruit doesn’t stop until it ends.  Meaning, it doesn’t close down at night, it just keeps going until the morning and keeps going until the event officially ends.

Wonderfruit 2016/17The solar stage.  Powered by solar?  Nope.  Just where the sunsets.

Wonderfruit 2016/17We had to come back by 12pm here because my cousin signed us up for a lunch.. FEAST.  Not just a lunch, but a FEAST.  Unfortunately, they didn’t say anything along the lines of, “LET THE FEAST BEGIN.”  Would have helped our energy levels as we only slept for like 2-4 hours from the previous night.  By the way, this feast was called a Cocotte.

Wonderfruit 2016/17See that thing in the middle?  It’s called I can eat this for 7 days, or otherwise known as the big cheesy sourdough – Two-pound sourdough bread from Conkey’s, filled with Camembert and truffle, served with truffle green salad – to share with friends (from their website)

Wonderfruit 2016/17OK something not as massive but still filling, the Paella style risotto – Carnaroli rice, saffron, chicken, chorizo, green peas, bell pepper confit, mussels, prawns, cuttlefish and clams. (from Wonderfruit website)

Wonderfruit 2016/17After filling your stomaches to the max with paella and sourdough bread with cheese, they surprise you with a massive Australian Wagyu Tomahawk – Cooked medium-rare with signature Cocotte sauces and served with mashed potatoes (from their website).  Side note: How would you like your tomahawk?  Rare, medium rare, medium, well done?  What sorry can’t hear you, well here’s your tomahawk, very rare.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Oh we also got ourselves a bottle of red wine because in music festivals you’re not supposed to drink water.  Oh also, we had thin thin wooden utensils.  Sometimes it felt like the steak was cutting our utensils.  Imagine Kate Moss but instead of a human being she was our forks and knives, that’s how fragile our utensils were.

Wonderfruit 2016/17One of the band members that I thought looked really cool in this outfit.

Wonderfruit 2016/17The band I was talking about – The Lowdowns!  Absolutely amazing – they are a funk band but their music style is a bit… fresh and distinctive and unique.  There’s 4 of them, the drummer is hidden (like you can’t see him in this picture, not invisible duh).  Usually they perform in Bangkok and are all music teachers.  How much do I think they are brilliant?  I’ve already got them contacting with one of my friends who has a restaurant in Hong Kong to come and play here, so for those in Hong Kong, maybe we will get a special treat!

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17Now we’re just wandering

Wonderfruit 2016/17Besides music and the arts and the drinking, during the mornings and afternoons Wonderfruit has many different workshop sessions on many different things, like Ableton production, learning about teas and herbs etc.  Oh my favorite one with a cool name was Yoga for Modern Jedis and Sexy Ninjas.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17Another workshop spot.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17Another workshop session.  As we see, a bunch of people collaborating to create an art piece.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17DJ KATSU.  Born in Manila and based in Los Angeles, Katsu blends nu-wave, house, and techno into her music.  Also, she’s one of the creative directors for Wonderfruit.  Very cool, you could feel her presence when she is around.

Wonderfruit 2016/17People swimming in the lake.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17Tried Dub Ice Cream.  Very expensive!

Wonderfruit 2016/17Peacock place.  Time to take a nap.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Sun set.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Solar stage with Norman Jay Mbe.  Norman Jay considered to be one of the most firmly established house DJs in the world.  A unique, soulful set which he calls “rare groove”.

Wonderfruit 2016/17People sitting on the stage.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17We spotted him during our lunch feast.  My visvim friend joked he’s got his eyes protected 360 degrees.  Bumped into him, so I gotta take a pic of him.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Some art and t-shirt tie dye places.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Another sunset pic.

Wonderfruit 2016/17There were drones throughout the day recording the experience.  Actually what’s even cooler was that there was a plane swirling in the sky during Norman Jay’s performance at solar stage as well.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Tribal music performance.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Cool hat.

Wonderfruit 2016/17Who’s ready for a bus ride.

Wonderfruit 2016/17There are cool shops to buy arts and crafts.

Wonderfruit 2016/17For the ladies who want to be pretty.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17Back at Rainforest Pavilion

Wonderfruit 2016/17One of my favorite DJ sets in the whole festival, by Fadi Alturk.  The wonderful thing about Wonderfruit (pun intended) was that all these artists were fabulous, but if you try to find their sets on YouTube, you wouldn’t be able to find them.  They are relatively “haven’t made it but upcoming” artists.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17I tried.

Wonderfruit 2016/17There was belly dancing performances too.

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17

Wonderfruit 2016/17Some of us got massages.  I got a rather painful shoulder and back massage.  Two of them got foot massage because “we need our feet to dance, not our shoulders”.

RudimentalAnd one of the main highlights for this program, RUDIMENTAL.

 Like mentioned earlier, Wonderfruit is only in its 3rd year but it’s heading towards the right direction.  Everything already looks astounding in its infancy stage, and I expect more in the coming years.  Plus, the passing of their King might have affected certain aspects of the show, including attendance, but I definitely wouldn’t mind coming back again.  Maybe I’ll skip the lunch feast this time however.

As a side note, you can also sleep in camps at the festivals so you wouldn’t have to be like us to find transportation to go back to your hotel.  The tents have air con, but I’ve talked to people and they said it’s too hot to sleep when the sun is out.  So up to you.

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  1. Hello! Am heading to Wonderfruit this year and wondering how you arranged for transport from Pattaya City to the festival venue?

    1. I’m heading to the festival this year too, I’m staying off-site. Have you figured out the best way to get to the festival grounds from Pattaya?

      1. The last time I went, I was with a group of friends and it was most convenient for us to rent a sort of a van for the 6-7 of us. On Wonderfruit’s website, http://wonderfruit.co/wonderfruit-info/, they have more info on their shuttle buses. They also recommended using Grab, sort of like Uber, so download the app before you go.

  2. Thank you 4 dah overview! My 1st go round wit Wonder Fruit!,Can’t wait! 1st week here in Bangkok I was invited to go on ah boat cruise… ah big one! Had 500 people…. had ah great time & wuz told bout Wonder Fruit… wuz very X sighted! Been thinkin bout it ever since! Tried 2 git several friends & ah few lady’s 2 go but 4 many reasons & X dudes nobody got off their ass 2 go… so nut tin new 2 me… solo eye go! Hope 2 see U dare! Look 4 gray hair & long beard… been called Santa & KFC..ha ha ha 5555.. Brad although many Thai replace dah R wit an L ha ha moe funny… anywayz gonna be great! Bought ah fdnt & cranked 2 go… C U dare! BRAD….Thai way = BLAD… Ha ha 555
    My 2nd year here…last year 3 months diss year 6 months… just LOVE Thailand… stay in Trang.. just left Krabi… thanks ah gone!

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