Four Days Itinerary in Copenhagen, Denmark (Part Two)

This is a continuation of my 4 days Copenhagen trip, featuring Days Three and Four.  If you haven’t done so already, you can read about Part one for Days one and two right here.  Some of my thoughts and opinions on Copenhagen were expressed in the previous post, so I highly encourage you to read that post before reading this.  Moving on directly – and again I will post extra photos at the bottom to make the flow of the blog post feel a bit better rather than bombard with loads of photos.  For my Youtube shorts for Copenhagen, click here for shorts.


Day Three

Our first stop was checking out this bakery place called Hart Bageri (website), which was about a 10 min walk from our Coco Hotel.

Hart Bageri

Hart BageriYou can say that my friend really loves pastries, but so do I (mainly in Copenhagen though). Continue reading Four Days Itinerary in Copenhagen, Denmark (Part Two)

Four Days Itinerary in Copenhagen, Denmark (Part One)

I came to Copenhagen to explore a new city / country prior to going to Tomorrowland (click here for my tips on surviving Tomorrowland).  As the first Nordic country I’ve ever been to, overall I have to say I thoroughly enjoyed my time there.  Everything was simple, minimal, walkable / bikeable, clean, organized, and civilized.

I came here without any expectations except for the fact that food was supposed to be expensive in these Nordic places.  But to my surprise, it wasn’t as bad as I’d imagined.  Plus, I only knew about Noma, the holy grail of three star Michelin restaurants.  But little did I know that there were a lot of fine dining restaurants and aspiring Michelin restaurants in this city.  My friend even commented that a lot of the techniques used in Michelin restaurants around the world were first adopted here in Copenhagen.  The reason for that was because of its relaxed culture, allowing chefs to take on risks and experiment; compared with many other places in the world, chefs would be scolded for making mistakes.

Adding on to that, from stories I hear from other people, Denmark does have a culture of leniency and relaxation and a stronger emphasis on work life balance.  For example, if you’re in United States or Asia, you’re expected to go to school and go directly to university then start working.  In Denmark, it’s expected of you to take a gap year before, during or after college so you can take time off and do what you want.  I even had a friend’s family in law where one of their daughters in Denmark took a total of three gap years, so by the time she was in the workforce she was 25 years old or something like that.  What I’m trying to say is that Denmark has a very relaxed culture, which encourages people to find what they like, discover about themselves, and allows them to experiment and take risks more. Continue reading Four Days Itinerary in Copenhagen, Denmark (Part One)

Travelling is Both Tiring and Resetting

It’s been about three years I haven’t travelled before embarking on the Yellowstone trip.

Ever since Covid happened, I’ve been stuck in Hong Kong for quite some time, and quite frankly, I’ve been feeling jaded, monotonous, and slightly depressing.  I’ve travelled on average about twice a year, and to succumb to find different things to do each weekend in Hong Kong was firstly humbling to see how much Hong Kong has to offer, but at the same time it was all the same – new restaurants or cafes popping up each week, same areas, try going to different sightseeing places.  Zzz.

San Jose

Continue reading Travelling is Both Tiring and Resetting

Interesting Websites on Travel

Wow.  It’s been a loooong time since I posted.  Obvious reason being that I haven’t travelled this entire year, so really there’s been nothing to post about.  Even in the city, I’ve been staying at home mainly.

Anyway, I realised that sometimes I would encounter articles and posts about travel and hotels, so I wanted to keep a directory for you and for myself to keep a reference of.  Feel free to come here to find interesting articles and websites to entertain yourself whenever you’re feeling the need to be entertained. Continue reading Interesting Websites on Travel

The Matadors in Seville

When you think of the culture of Spain, one might imagine passion, royalty, and excitement.  Seville embodies these traits perfectly, and its passionate heat was felt throughout my time there; it was hot enough to wear t-shirts during the day whereas in Barcelona it was already cold.


Seville is notable for its bullfighting events and its flamenco dancing.  I was unable to witness either of them, although I did watch some flamenco dancing that was on the streets.

In a way, Seville reminded me of Nice (you can read my blog about Cote d’Azur here), where everything was spacious, a tram ran through the city center, it was the whole vibe and atmosphere that was very similar… I guess both cities being part of the Southern part of their respective countries lends itself to create such an atmosphere.

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Seoul – Shopping Heaven

Quick tips about Seoul:

  • It is a shopping paradise
  • It’s also a food paradise (especially if you like spicy and KBBQ)
  • We didn’t do any sight seeing, but based on reading from blogs, books and other guides, there isn’t an astounding amount of cultural / historical / scenic things to do (as compared to places in Europe).  A bit similar to Bangkok.  They EXIST but it’s not abundant and should be able to cover in a few days for the major attractions
  • The people there know very little English.  In fact, the salespeople in the retail shops actually speak Mandarin much better than English so prepare to bring some sort of translation book if you can only speak English
  • Transportation is very convenient
  • Although the transition between different train lines is a fair bit of distance… so plan your time accordingly
  • Many 24 hour restaurants
  • Felt safe the entire trip
  • very affordable (compared to HK)
  • actually Seoul is pretty much like Hong Kong except they speak Korean there instead of Cantonese

It’s definitely a trip well worth going, especially if you are into Korean Pop culture.  I’ll show you the places we went (for shopping and eating) so you can have a rough itinerary for your next trip. Continue reading Seoul – Shopping Heaven

Yunnan, Where The Pictures Are Prettier Than Reality Part One

I hate to say this, but I found Yunnan to be one of the more overrated travel destinations I’ve been to (another one being Venice, Italy).  I was incredibly looking forward for this trip as I heard many good things about the scenery and I have a passion for spicy food, but Yunnan did not live up to its expectations.  I must make a disclaimer though that the time spent for this trip was relatively short, and I would suggest at least a week to visit all the scenery provinces in Yunnan.  Instead, we ended up spending 5 days (4 days of sightseeing, the last day was just getting to the airport) at Lijiang and Shangri-La. Continue reading Yunnan, Where The Pictures Are Prettier Than Reality Part One

Cape Town Gorgeous

Hellooooo Cape Town Gorgeous!

Ask me where my favorite place is to drive, and Cape Town will probably be at the top.  It’s got one of the more scenic and beautiful views for a city.  In fact, Cape Town is probably one of my favorite places I have traveled, ever.  Beautiful weather, beautiful food, beautiful environment, beautiful prices, I mean everything was amazing here!  This is one of the must go to in your life!

*Note: I went during January, which was their summer time.

Side note: I was able to snatch a return plane ticket to Johannesburg for only HKD 50 (to everyone outside of HK that’s about USD 6.5).  Yup, HKD 50!!!  Not including tax and fuel surcharges of course, but still that all amounted to less than 20% of what it will usually cost me.  Had to thank my colleagues for letting me know about the 1st anniversary of fanfares by Cathay Pacific on the day of. Continue reading Cape Town Gorgeous