Napa Valley, Round Two

Domaine Carneros

Due to our decision not to go to Yosemite, we decided to go to Muir Woods and then Napa Valley.

This is my second time going to Napa Valley, and I have to say that this time the wineries I visited were even better than the first one!  Perhaps it was because the first time around, I was guided by a tour on Viator, but this time I got to choose to go to the higher class wineries.

If you haven’t already, you can also check out my blog post the first time I visited Napa Valley at Missed my Bus at Napa Valley and Sonoma County



Bouchon BakeryThe one we ended up going, Bouchon Bakery. There was a long line throughout the day!

Bouchon BakeryThe reason why it’s so popular is because it’s opened by none other than renowned Thomas Keller, who also opened The French Laundry, Per Se, Bouchon and many more restaurants.

Bouchon BakeryI definitely loved their ham and cheese croissant and their caramel latte there! We also ordered blueberry muffin, chocolate éclair and many more, and you can’t go wrong with any of those.

Bouchon BakeryTheir ham and cheese croissant that we ate in our car. Trust me, it tastes 10x better than it looks

ad hoc Napa ValleyBefore deciding on Bouchon Bakery, we actually wanted to try ad hoc.  But the restaurant was closing for a break at 3pm (the time we arrived) and reopened at 4:30pm, which would be too late for us as we had to visit the wineries before 5pm, the time that they were closed.  P.s.! While I was writing this sentence and looking for the restaurant link, I realized that ad hoc was also owned by Thomas Keller as well! Mind blown.

ad hoc Napa ValleyAnother pic of ad hoc from its exterior

La CalendaLa Calenda for Mexican food

V Marketplace Napa ValleyV Marketplace in Napa Valley.

V Marketplace Napa ValleyThere are a couple of shops, fine art galleries, and dining places in V Marketplace.

hope & grace wineryhope & grace winery



Montecristi Panama HatsMontecristi Panama Hats

Napa ValleyThe SPA. I like places where they use one obvious word to describe the service that they are providing, if you know what I mean.


Nature and Scenery

Napa ValleyWe loved the colors of the trees there

Napa ValleyThe sharp fiery red leaves on those trees were gorgeous

Napa Valley

Napa ValleyFor sale

Napa ValleyLimousine



Domaine CarnerosDomaine Carneros

Domaine CarnerosBeautiful from beyond

Domaine Carneros

Domaine Carneros

Domaine CarnerosThe only reason that I even knew about Domaine Carneros was because while I was driving to Yountville, I passed by this place and saw the magnificent European château atop the massive front garden, and I remembered the road that it was on, so I kept repeating myself during lunch that I had to go to this place.

Domaine CarnerosThey are most notable for their sparkling wines, Pinot Noir, estate vineyards, and their château.

Domaine CarnerosYou do not need a reservation to visit the place. The upstairs is not for visitors, as I embarrassingly found out.

Domaine CarnerosEven though it’s highly recommended that you book online to reserve tastings, they were actually able to accommodating tastings to us.  However we refused, as it was a flight of sparkling wines for $40 per person, and we had another stop to make.


Cuvaison Winery

Cuvaison WineryRight across from Domaine Carneros, about a 2 minute drive from Domaine Carneros, is Cuvaison Winery, another excellent winery with a more relaxed, but still gorgeous atmosphere.

Cuvaison WineryTheir vineyard

Cuvaison WineryThey are most notable for their Chardonnay and Pinot Noir

Cuvaison WineryThe incredible view that you see overlooking Napa Valley when you sit outside

Cuvaison WineryPicture one of their interior. Note – it was packed when we entered at around 4:20pm, but since they closed at 5pm, which was around when I took these pictures, it looked empty.

Cuvaison WineryPicture two of their interior.

Cuvaison Winery


Which winery would you like to visit? Which restaurant would you like to try? The second time around made me want to revisit Napa Valley as there are so many other restaurants and wineries I have yet to try!

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