Discover New York in 6 Days: Skip the Tourist Traps and Dive into Genuine NYC Magic Nobody Talks About! (Part Two)

The Crypt Gallery in Dream Downtown

Continuing on from our previous post of Day one of New York (which you can read here for accommodation, transportation, and other things I did), here we will keep talking about the itinerary for my other days.  For part three of this blog post, click here– (for Flushing, the real Chinatown, and more Greenwich village and the best meal ever)



Marathon Coffee (website)

Marathon CoffeePassed by this coffee place and wanted to give it a try

Marathon CoffeeCan’t really sit down anywhere, so it had to be a to go


FableticsFabletics (website).  Saw it was a tennis shop, but it was actually more than that and they sold activewear / sportswear clothing

New York City

Jun-Men Ramen BarJun-Men Ramen Bar (website).  Didn’t try, just passed by and looked interesting

Marquee Club Steve AokiMarquee Club.  An NFT event since it featured The Sandbox and Steve Aoki

CPG EventRemember how in my previous post I said I went to Selina Chelsea for the co-working space?  Well, one of my NFT communities had a networking event this day, so I got a chance to meet a few of them IRL

Art GallerySome art gallery that I managed to sneak in cause I told the bouncer I would only be there for 2 mins (which I actually went just for 2 mins!  OK well maybe a little longer)

Art Gallery

Art Gallery

Blue BuildingWalked by this blue brick building

1OAK1OAK nightclub (website)!  I only went to the one in Las Vegas


Artichoke Pizza (website)

As a lover of New York pizza, I was craving to have many meals of pizza while I was in New York.  Plus I wanted a quick, affordable bite as well.  I passed by this restaurant and decided to chance upon it.  My verdict – meh you can probably find better pizza places in NYC.  The taste was just soso, and if I remember correctly, the temperature of the pizza wasn’t that hot either.

Artichoke Pizza

Artichoke Pizza

Artichoke PizzaJFK on the left

Artichoke PizzaI got a pepperoni pizza and I think it was a special? sausage pizza.  As you can see, the slices were huge!!  But the size doesn’t compensate for the mediocre taste

Park in New YorkA park in New York


The Crypt Gallery in Dream Downtown (website)

Again, for another one of my NFT communities, they were hosting an NFT event featuring a lot of NFT artworks hosted in Dream Downtown, a boutique hotel in the heart of NYC with loft-style rooms, luxury amenities, rooftop pool and more.  A lot of the NFT artworks I recognize are from Nifty Gateway, a popular platform back in 2021.


Dream DowntownThis is the outside of Dream Downtown

Dream DowntownMe trying to take artistic photos

The Crypt Gallery in Dream Downtown

The Crypt Gallery in Dream Downtown

The Crypt Gallery in Dream DowntownBaby Beeple

The Crypt Gallery in Dream Downtown

The Crypt Gallery in Dream DowntownAn artwork featuring Hong Kong

The Crypt Gallery in Dream Downtown


Random ArtSome art gallery I passed by after going to The Crypt Gallery event

LOULOULOULOU (website), a restaurant I passed by, a gorgeous French bistro in Chelsea

Night time in New YorkNight time in New York




Madison Square ParkWalking nearby Madison Square Park

Madison Square Park - cherry blossomCherry blossom near Madison Square Park

New York City

Eataly NYC FlatironEataly NYC Flatiron, but went to the market to buy a drink

Eataly NYC FlatironBought a golden chai tea almond latte, was just okay

mamanPassed by maman (website), another coffee café

Yorkshire TerrierAwww, a really cute yorkshire terrier.  Apparently there are a lot of yorkshire terriers in New York, not as much in Hong Kong.

Cherry Blossom

Empire State BuildingEmpire State Building, up close

THE DUNES CLUBTHE DUNES CLUB (website), a restaurant and hookah lounge I passed by


Slattery's Midtown PubSlattery’s Midtown Pub (website)

Midtown PubCame here for another NFT event to network and meet some people in real life that I have been mingling in Discord for the past year and a half.  Food was just okay, like fish and chips and burgers and stuff, so more just like your average pub

Dam PastaWe got some DAM Pasta from our NFT community.  You can support them by subscribing to their Youtube channel

Van Leeuwen Ice CreamVan Leeuwen Ice Cream, another interesting place I passed by (website)

HARBSPassed by HARBS again, a famous cake shop from Japan (that I visited last time I went to Japan a few months ago).

After this I actually went to Soho House New York again (for the second time) with a new friend I made from Midtown Pub.

New York CitySo many cherry blossoms wherever I went

New York CityNot sure what this is, but passed by and noticed the interesting wavy line for the windows


Morandi (website)

I mentioned I wanted to go to an Italian restaurant, and my friend recommended a couple Italian restaurants to choose from.  A couple restaurants she recommended, for those interested in a food trip in NYC, include: Musket Room, Waverly Place, American Cut, The Grill, The Modern, Bad Roman, Rezdora, Via Carota, I Sodi, and for French – Le Bernadine, Le Coucou, Frenchette, Raoul.  But ultimately she chose Morandi, which was fantastic.  I trust her foodie tastes after bringing me to Morandi and to Sweet Rehab (see below).

I was very very very impressed with Morandi.  It was my favourite meal the entire trip (until 3 days after I went to another Italian trattoria, but to be honest they are pretty much identical score wise, and both were one of my favourite meals not just this trip but in my life).  The neighborhood, Greenwich Village, was filled with what seems like many beautiful restaurants,

The atmosphere was filled with people, and you can feel the conversational energy throughout the restaurant.  Yet, I felt that the environment allowed conversation to easily be heard amongst your own selves.  The décor was pretty and beautiful, but as always, the thing I care about, and the most impressive part, was the taste of the food.  It just tasted so heavenly, this is one of the two restaurants I will highly recommend for anyone.

MorandiIf you were sitting outside



MorandiGrilled octopus with fingerling potatoes, pickled red onions and salsa verde.  Amazingly delicious

MorandiWe were so fortunate to have this because this was the Friday special – Spaghetti all’astice (lobster spaghetti), so so so good

MorandiTiramisu, so yummy


Sweet Rehab (website)

Since one dessert wasn’t enough, why not go for more?  We walked down south to near the Soho area and went to this place called Sweet Rehab.

Sweet RehabLe Miel – Sweet crunchy almond dough base, soft pistachio biscuit, white chocolate orange blossom cream, and fresh whipped honey, topped with fresh honeycomb, and orange zest

Sweet Rehab100% vanilla Mille Feuille – Two layers of crunchy caramelized puff pastry sandwiching 100% vanilla cream from Madagascar sprinkled with vanilla bean

Sweet RehabInside Sweet Rehab


Bar PisellinoAnother place I passed by in Greenwich Village, Bar Pisellino



Japan FES (website)

Started in 2016, Japan FES is a series of events and festivals organized in NYC to celebrate and showcase Japanese culture, food, arts, and traditions.  These events aim to promote Japanese culture to a broader audience and foster greater understanding and appreciation for the diverse aspects of Japan.  The activities generally include food markets, performances, workshops, and pop-up stores.  It is the world’s largest Japanese food festival, attracting over 250,000 visitors and featuring 800 vendors.

Japan FES happened to be in Chelsea, literally downstairs from my hotel, so I decided eh why not have a visit.



JAPAN FesGolden flakes on matcha ice cream

Daniel Corpuz ChocolatierDaniel Corpuz (website) Chocolatier

JAPAN FesChocolate cookie from Daniel Corpuz stall

MaosbaoMaosbao (website)


Oliver CabellOn the way to Soho, saw this shop Oliver Cabell (website)

Gucci ad

StockXPassed by the StockX space, an online sneakers / streetwear marketplace and reseller

StockXStockX exhibition? space? (website)

Jack's Wife FredaPassed by this restaurant with a lot of people, Jack’s Wife Freda (website)


Osteria Morini (website)

Here’s an excerpt from their website, “Osteria Morini brings the soulful cuisine and convivial spirit of Emilia-Romagna in northern Italy to Manhattan’s vibrant SoHo neighborhood. Known as the Italian Breadbasket, this region is also the birthplace of some of the flavors and ingredients most commonly associated with Italian cuisine worldwide: prosciutto, mortadella, parmigiano, and balsamic vinegar.”

Overall, after trying out their two dishes, I thought it was just decent/okay, but nothing special compared to Morandi and Trattoria Pesce Pasta.


MoriniIt was pretty empty during lunch

MoriniCrispy artichokes

MoriniFusilli with neopolitan pork shoulder ragù, robiolina


New York CityWalking in Soho

Stop Animal Experiments

Graffiti in New YorkMore graffiti in New York


Golf Wang NY (website)

Golf Wang is a clothing and lifestyle brand founded by American rapper, singer, and songwriter Tyler, the Creator (Tyler Gregory Okonma) in 2011. The brand, known for its colorful and eccentric designs, initially gained popularity among the fans of Tyler and his hip-hop collective, Odd Future. Over time, Golf Wang has expanded its reach, attracting a wider audience for its unique streetwear offerings. The brand’s name “Golf Wang” is a spoonerism of “Wolf Gang,” a reference to Tyler’s group Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All (OFWGKTA). Golf Wang apparel, accessories, and footwear are regularly released in limited edition collections, featuring playful graphics and vibrant motifs that have come to define its distinctive, bold aesthetic.

Golf Wang NY

Golf Wang NY

Golf Wang NY


Fall in Love QuoteQuote by @7soulsdeep


Chelsea MarketWaiting for my friend at Starbucks Reserve in Chelsea.  I was wondering why there weren’t typical Starbucks drinks here, because in Starbucks Reserve you have to order the fancier drinks on the menu


After this, I went to Soho House again for the third time this trip 😂 originally I only wanted to go one time just to check out the place, but every time I have a friend I was like why not just go there to chill instead.


Chelsea Market (website)

Chelsea Market is a famous indoor food hall, shopping center, and office complex located in the Chelsea neighborhood of Manhattan, New York City. Housed within a repurposed Nabisco factory, the venue showcases a diverse range of gourmet food shops, restaurants, and retail stores. Chelsea Market is a popular attraction for tourists and locals alike, offering an eclectic mix of culinary delights, unique artisan products, and creative spaces that cater to various tastes and preferences. Since its opening in 1997, the market has evolved into a grand, urban food court and a cultural hub, reflecting the fusion of history, community, and innovation in New York City.

Chelsea Market

Homestead Steakhouse & RestaurantNearby Chelsea Market is a popular steakhouse called Homestead Steakhouse

Los Tacos No.1Multiple friends from New York, including my foodie friend, recommended Los Tacos No. 1 in Chelsea Market, that it’s a must try

Los Tacos No.1Carne asada corn taco.  It was good, but nothing mind blowing like my friends hyped up.  I think the tacos in Los Angeles were better.


Raku (website)

From their website, “In an homage to his home cooking, Ishizuka crafts a menu centered around this iconic noodle long served as a classic comfort food in Japan. Voluminous bowls of chewy silky noodles are served in Ishizuka’s signature dashi soup. In addition to an extensive udon offering, Ishizuka also showcases an appetizer menu offering some of Japan’s most classic small bites. Offering a contemporary and minimalist dining space paired with warm service, he seeks to create happy memories for customers through his food.”

They are notable for serving delicious udon noodles.  It’s a place I highly recommend to come as well.  Also at Greenwich Village (I feel like Greenwich has so many good restaurants).


RakuBeef udon, yum yum, very delicious 🤤


RakuWe also got fried chicken


PS at Pine & Polk (website)

Trying to find a speakeasy nearby, I searched on Google Maps and got this.  It’s a really cool speakeasy because I really thought we went to the wrong location.  The bar was really cool and served very interesting cocktails.

PS at Pine & PolkFront of the shop.  But behind the white door was a spacious, cool bar.

PS at Pine & PolkForgot which cocktail I ordered, but you can see their drinks menu on their websitePS at Pine & PolkThe interior.  Sorry this photo is blurry cause I just screenshoted from a video I took of the décor

PS at Pine & PolkAnother photo, by the bar counter


BarcadeAfter going back to my hotel, right below my hotel is this place called Barcade.  Looks like a really cool bar combined with arcade machines, looks like it can be an interesting terrific date place.


There’s still days 5 and 6, but I think I will wrap up this blog post here because of the amount of text and images that are already on this post.  Hope there are a couple of new places you would want to check out from New York City from this post!

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