Discover New York in 6 Days: One of My Top Ten Meals I’ve Ever Had! (Part Three)

Trattoria Pesce Pasta

Alright, welcome to the final post on my week long trip to New York City!  You can read about Part one and Part two here for the rest of the itinerary.  Let’s go straight away talking about Day 5 and Day 6 of my time at NYC.



Flushing New YorkOn my way to Flushing

Flushing New YorkI’ve never been to Flushing before, but in this photo you can see many Chinese characters.  Actually in Flushing it feels more like the real Chinatown, whereas the Manhattan Chinatown

Flushing New YorkWe walked about 15 mins to KBBQ.  My friend told me Koreans used to be the ones that lived near the Flushing main street.  But then the Chinese people started moving in and started taking over the properties near Flushing main street, forcing the Koreans to move further away.

New York K-BBQ ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFETNew York K-BBQ ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFET; my friend brought me here cause it’s a good value KBBQ with good meat

New York K-BBQ ALL YOU CAN EAT BUFFETAt first when I came here I thought it just looked like a basic KBBQ.  The meat was better than I had expected.  Not the best, but I guess as my friend said, it’s good value for the meat that you’re getting, and it’s all you can eat.  He said this all you can eat KBBQ is the only one his wife is willing to go to 😂

Jinro is BackNot just your average Jinro, but it’s Jinro is Back.  Jinro is Back has a smoother, rounder texture type of soju

Flushing New YorkAfter some KBBQ, we strolled around near Flushing main street.  Very asian neighborhood.

Flushing New York

Flushing New YorkIn Manhattan, I was like, oh there feels like there’s less Asians now.  But once I got to Flushing, wow, seriously all the Chinese / HKers were here.  Like once I got off the station, everywhere was Chinese, people were speaking Cantonese / Mandarin, and there was very few white people; it was the reverse of Manhattan.

New World MallNew World Mall

Flushing New YorkMy friend had to go to a supermarket to buy some groceries.  In this photo you can see literally everyone here is Asian, just like in Hong Kong.  Even the way they place their items, the way cashiers and staff interact with you, feels like a supermarket in Hong Kong way more than in New York.  It seriously feels like being back in HK.

Flushing New York

Eggtart in Flushing New YorkWe also got some egg tarts in one of the shops near the Flushing station.  It was just okay… coming from Hong Kong, the egg tarts in HK are much better.

Flushing New YorkHK bakery shop


That’s pretty much all I did on day five, visiting Flushing.



And finally, the last day of my NYC week before I headed over to Newark to fly to Los Angeles.


FahertyFaherty, high quality clothing brand (website)

Buck Mason of CaliforniaBuck Mason (website).  I love this brand for their basic t-shirts

Bleecker Street PizzaBleecker Street Pizza


Trattoria Pesce Pasta (website)

After a bit of driving around, my friend recommended to take me to this place that he and his wife usually visits for their favourite, no frills but delicious Italian restaurant.  And I’m really thankful that he did because, it turns out, it was my favourite restaurant my entire 3 week trip (NYC / LA / Mexico), and I would dare say one of the top 10 meals I’ve ever had in my lifetime (yes it sounds like I’m exaggerating but I’m not!)

Located on 262 Bleecker Street, it was exactly as my friend had advertised – nothing fancy, but a very traditional Italian trattoria with brick walls, natural daylight brightening the place, and family photos, so really I had no expectations.  But man, after my first bite of the pasta, I knew I was in for a treat.  Not only did I enjoy my own pasta, but I also tried my friend’s, which was also incredibly delicious.

So yeah, based on these two dishes, I felt that the pasta here just was out of this world.  It was absolutely incredible.  As mentioned in my previous post, this was a close call between Morandi and Pesce Pasta, but I decided Pesce Pasta was just a little better when it came to the deliciousness of the taste.

Trattoria Pesce Pasta

Trattoria Pesce PastaYour typical trattoria, a very humble place that serves incredible pasta

Trattoria Pesce Pasta

Trattoria Pesce Pasta

Trattoria Pesce Pasta

Trattoria Pesce PastaI know, the pasta just looks so ordinary, but tastes phenomenal.  It was an indelible experience.

Trattoria Pesce PastaThis was mine, absolutely brilliant


New York CityAfter an amazing meal, we started scrolling around trying to find a coffee or ice cream place.  This was Venchi ice cream; I told my friends Venchi in places like New York and Hong Kong is a fancy ice cream shop, but in Italy it’s pretty much just like the McDonald’s of ice cream there.

New York CityInitially the skies were grey, but after our meal the weather cleared up and it became clear and beautiful

New York City

New York City

SugarwoodSugarwood – NYC’s naughtiest dessert shop (website)

WhaleboneWhalebone (website) a magazine of finely printed things, but their shop which sells merchandises, photobooks, cameras, and more

WhaleboneInside Whalebone

Julietta Gelato CaféWe ended up choosing Julietta (website) for our post meal dessert

Julietta Gelato CaféVery yummy ice cream!  Believe I got midnight hour (left) and English cake (right)

RAINSRAINS (website).  My friend and his wife love the brand, and own a couple of bags from there.  RAINS offers a selection of wet-weather outerwear and bags.

RAINSOn display  Good material, good value, and sleek design.

RAINSI tried seeing if they have a shop in Hong Kong and in Asia, but they do not.  However, if you’re from Hong Kong and want to order their products, you can order them at this website called Studio 1954


The Magnolia BakeryThe Magnolia Bakery (website), making America’s favorite baked goods the old-fashioned way: from scratch, in small batches for the last 25 years

Dante NYCDante NYC (website), a legendary circa-1915 cafe serving small plates & cocktails in an updated historic setting.

JOE & THE JUICEWe had a little bit of time still, so we headed over to JOE & THE JUICE (website), a prominent fruit juice chain in NYC.


JOE & THE JUICEI thought that the juices were quite pricey for what they are



After this, it was time for me to go to Newark, so my friends drove me from Greenwich Village to Newark.  And this pretty much wraps up my NYC trip!  So yeah, if you’re planning a visit to New York, feel free to refer to this post or my previous two posts to see which places you want to go visit / eat / shop to include in your itinerary!  I really had an amazing time in New York once again and really loved networking with the people in the NFT NYC community.  New York, as always, I will be back.


Some other restaurants / food places I wrote down:

Asian food: ippudo, buddakan, c as in charlie, sushi nakazawa, cote, ito, wayan, sushi azabu, nami nori, sushi 35 west, kyu, jongro, jeju noodle bar, joes shanghai, bondst, Ariari (Korean), Atomx (Korean), Atoboy (Korean), Semma (Indian), Dhamaka (Indian), Saigon Shack (Bahn Mi and pho)

American: cut by wolfgang puck, grand banks, joe’s pizza, au cheval, bubby’s

Italian: don Angie, Cucina Alba, Malaparte

Dessert: Empire Cake, Levains Cookies

Sandwiches: Panineria

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