Meeting Rapper Royce 5’9″, One Half of Bad Meets Evil, in Detroit

Going to Detroit probably isn’t on most people’s bucket list.  It wasn’t on mine either.  But owning an NFT gave me the chance to meet one of Detroit’s most notable rappers.  Since I was going to NFT NYC, I thought I’d take the chance to also go to Detroit, because who knows when the next time I’ll be in US again.  Better now than never.

So after confirming that I would go to New York, I also booked my flight tickets to go to Detroit.  But like I said, it really was just to visit Royce 5’9″ and his Heaven Studio, so I booked a roundtrip ticket to go and come back on the same day.  It was incredibly, incredibly exhausting.

This blog post will be quite short, simply because the only exposure I had of Detroit was my ride to the studio in Birmingham and back.  So to say I know Detroit at all would be laughable, straight up embarrassing. Continue reading Meeting Rapper Royce 5’9″, One Half of Bad Meets Evil, in Detroit

One Coachella Is All It Takes (and Tips on Surviving Coachella)

“One Coachella is all it takes, falling in love with you, possibilities, you look like all you need…”

Coachella has always been a part of my bucket list of things to do in my life.  Told myself, better to go now than when I start having to take care of children or having to take care of my family or when I start to have more life responsibilities in general.  Since I wasn’t really working at the moment, and considering my age, it was sort of a “now or never” kind of moment.  Plus, I wanted to go NFT NYC the week before, so the entire sequence of events flowed perfectly.


I for one enjoyed the lineup this year.  For me, it felt like Coachella emphasised on Latino artists, international acts, hip hop, dance/electronic/techno, and up and coming artists from online platforms such as Youtube creators.  Acts we got to see included – Blackpink, Calvin Harris, Testpilot (Deadmau5), Metro Boomin with The Weeknd, Jackson Wang, Eric Prydz, Kaytranada, Skillrex, and more.  Personally would have liked if Frank Ocean was there instead of Blink 182, but unfortunate for the replacement. Continue reading One Coachella Is All It Takes (and Tips on Surviving Coachella)

16 Music Festivals To Go To In 2016

It’s 2016 and what better excuse to travel to different places by attending different music festivals around the world?  There are so many different music festivals, with different atmosphere, differente venues, different genres, different people, and of course different artists, that each and every single one of them can bring you a unique experience.  Here are 16 music festivals you should go to for 2016 (in alphabetical order): Continue reading 16 Music Festivals To Go To In 2016

Living In The EDM World With Skylar

With the EDC Las Vegas festival fast approaching, and with electronic dance music (or dance music as some may prefer) manifesting itself globally while intertwining with today’s pop music, I brought along Insomniac employee Skylar Hardenbrook for a quick interview with us about his work life and his views on today’s EDM scene.  Here’s what he has to say – Continue reading Living In The EDM World With Skylar