Yellowstone Day Three

For each of the Days posts in Yellowstone, I’ll be pretty much photo dumping a lot of beautiful photos I’ve taken throughout my route for that particular day.  Some of you who wish to be mesmerized upon reaching there, you can just read the text in these beginning paragraphs.

Route taken (focus on Northeast of park): Grand Canyon of the Yellowstone (Brink of Upper Falls then Lower Falls then Lookout Point then Inspiration Point), Washburn Hot Springs Overlook, Tower Fall

For all my Yellowstone tips – The Best Tips For Yellowstone When Visiting From West Yellowstone

Spoilers ahead of amazing Yellowstone photos!!

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The Best Tips For Yellowstone When Visiting From West Yellowstone

When I was researching about the busiest months to go to Yellowstone, I was worried.  Most people visited the place during the summer months of June, July, and August.  Nearing beginning of October, all the cabins in Yellowstone were starting to close, the north, northeast, and east entrances were closed, and the weather would drop to like 1 degree Celsius.  Would the roads be too slippery to drive?  Would there be more bears coming out in the wild?

Turns out, when we went during early October, it was the perfect time to go, and I wasn’t even exaggerating.  The number of people there was just right – you were always able to find a parking spot, and there were just enough people to not feel you were deserted and that you were going to be safe, but still had plenty of space to move around and take photos.

Then there’s the weather.  The weather was perfect.  Even in the afternoon, you could get by with a t-shirt.  It was only until a little before sunset when you would start to feel chilly.  That’s when you will need to wear a jacket.

All things considered, I’d say our trip to Yellowstone was perfect in terms of pacing, timing, and the overall planning of the trip, and I want to share my tips with you to ensure you have a good time there as well.

West YellowstoneA picture of West Yellowstone

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