A One Day Itinerary to Menton AND Monaco

This is my first time going to Menton, but my second time going to Monaco (and the rest of my south of France trip).  If you want to read about my experience the first time, you can read about my Cote D’azur blog which I actually saw Arnold Schwarzenegger in person.  For raw video clips on this trip, visit my Youtube shorts.

Menton is often treated as a “second priority” when it comes to the south of France.  When you research about places to go in the French Riviera, it’s always Nice, Saint Tropez, Cannes, Eze, Antibes, and Monaco.  But to be quite honest, despite my limited time in Menton, I actually thoroughly enjoyed my time there and I definitely don’t think Menton should be disregarded, and perhaps should take higher precedence than other places in the French Riviera.

I actually had made reservations for a three star Michelin restaurant called Mirazur, as recommended by Alexander The Guest in his youtube video.  The reservation wasn’t very difficult, as I just went online to make the reservation for lunch.  The only problem was, I decided to cancel it, not because of the price, but because of realising how long the meal would take.  At best, it would probably take at least 2.5 hours, but it could potentially go up to four hours, and given the limited amount of time we had at Menton before we had to reunite with our friends in Monaco, we decided to spend our time elsewhere touring around Menton.  But I’m putting it out there in case you have a whole day and do plan to dine at a fantastic restaurant with magnificent views; you can let me know how it goes! Continue reading A One Day Itinerary to Menton AND Monaco