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I’m also into startups as well; something that’s deep inside of me, that entrepreneurial mindset, so well why not create another category for that.  This page is dedicated to websites for startup resources, tips, advices, useful tools pitch decks, etc.  When I talk about startups, usually I’m talking about things that can scale in size, not like small medium enterprises like a restaurant or a coffee cafe.


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Startup Ideas I have (feel free to take them.  If you manage to build a successful business with any of them do let me know! And happy to accept a free meal when you become the next millionaire ^_^)

*THESE ARE JUST IDEAS!  Whether there is a market for it, how to execute it etc. all are not thought about!  There is no careful planning to these ideas just whatever comes up in my mind or some problem that I think can be solved better

  • permanent fix for bunion
  • Sharing umbrellas website (one offers, one is looking for, see if someone is walking to same destination from same starting point)
  • reduce the sound level of water – when I cook at night, turning on the sink creates noise
  • ability to hear and process multiple conversations at the same time
  • The Next Day – a care package after you stay at someone’s place or when someone stays over at your place; things like deo, makeup remover, gum, condoms, tissue, toothbrush and toothpaste etc.
  • a co-working space just for sales people (since they make a lot of noise)
  • turning ocean water to drinkable water
  • app where people can turn their cars and place ads; companies pay by mileage driven and also needs to know areas where usually drive
  • breakup tours for US or Europe
  • turn homelessness into places where the homeless have nice homes to live and it fits in the neighborhood, and the homeless also are empowered to work
  • app that shoots a hologram of the iphone screen projected above the iphone screen
  • a better platform than Bloomberg
  • a Bloomberg platform specifically for crypto
  • make contracts into NFTs so hard force exchange, marketplace for startup contracts
  • youtube video on how to cut your own hair with different hairstyle each video
  • a product where it generates the smell of the whatever product you’re interested in buying, ie. a shampoo you are looking online but you don’t know the smell and don’t want to go to the physical location, then open the product and it will produce a similar smell
  • flavored corn booth stall
  • an insect killer, similar to a cockroach killer you just place it there and the insects will get attracted to it and dies
  • something to wear underneath t-shirt to correct posture
  • car drive to water becomes boat
  • spoon that detects how clean the food is
  • summary notes for each youtube video
  • bookmark feature for the timestamp you want to bookmark on youtube
  • alert systems on NBA basketball court so that if a player steps out of bounds, has x second violation there will be an alert
  • a basketball net with a camera attached that you can turn on with your phone to remotely film yourself to see how to correct your shooting posture or dribbling etc.
  • blue wine
  • different flavored toothpaste
  • a mouthpiece you wear that detects how many words you said each day, the pacing, the emotional, the tonality, the variations, the volume, grammar and pronunciation errors
  • people send you videos on their body language and you analyse them and give them advice
  • luxury blog on all things for ultra wealthy people top 1% in the world, includes investing, people, travel, planes, yachts hotels, properties etc.
  • purple leather jacket
  • purify pee into water
  • pour water into cup instantly becomes ice
  • small shaver for nose hair
  • more managing up books
  • pillows that can store your favorite scent
  • a moving bus where inside it’s actually a bar, and it just stops and drops off people at certain locations, and people can get on and off at any stop
  • sell your shares in startup or non public companies website market


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