Start Up Advice Directory

I’m also into startups as well; something that’s deep inside of me, that entrepreneurial mindset, so well why not create another category for that.  This page is dedicated to websites for startup resources, tips, advices, useful tools pitch decks, etc.  When I talk about startups, usually I’m talking about things that can scale in size, not like small medium enterprises like a restaurant or a coffee cafe. Continue reading Start Up Advice Directory

The Stallery

Random Encounter.  I met Ernie (Ernest Chang) through a mutual friend of ours at Tai Lung Fung.  After an unexpected drunken night, I was impressed by just how ridiculously smart he was and how passionate he is with photography.  So I decided to ask him if he was willing to do an interview with me and thankfully, he agreed.  A recovered drug addict with ADD, it seems that I have much more to learn from him than he has from me.  Through this interview, he has taught me how to appreciate the medium of photography in an in depth manner, an appreciation which is also applicable to life in general.  Ernie considers himself not a photographer, but as an artist in the medium of photography.  Enough with the intro, let’s continue on with the interview. Continue reading The Stallery