Shop, Shop, Shop in Paris

My trip to France was split into two parts – one was a few days in Paris at the beginning and one day at the end, and in the middle was my trip to Cote d’Azur.  If you’ve seen my older posts before, you will know that I’ve been to Paris once… although it was just for a two day weekend trying to cramp all the tourist attractions possible.  So if you’re looking for more info on Eiffel Tower, Sacred Coeur, the Louvre, Arc de Triomphe, the love lock bridge etc., I suggest you read my post C’est Paris!.  The purpose of my visit for Paris this time around is to act a little less touristy. Continue reading Shop, Shop, Shop in Paris

Twenty Not As Touristy Things To Do In Hong Kong

Looking for something fun and interesting to do in Hong Kong?  Look no further as I present to you 20 Not As Touristy Things To Do right now in Hong Kong.

quick update (as of Oct. 15, 2023): This post was made almost 8 years ago so many things have changed. Some shops you see on Star Street and Ship Street are no longer here. I think the Tai O Infinity Pool is banned from entering now. Bubble Football is no more. If you want a complete list of many more activities to do in Hong Kong, I suggest you check out my travel bucket list page, where I wrote a lot of things to do in Hong Kong. Continue reading Twenty Not As Touristy Things To Do In Hong Kong

Cape Town Gorgeous

Hellooooo Cape Town Gorgeous!

Ask me where my favorite place is to drive, and Cape Town will probably be at the top.  It’s got one of the more scenic and beautiful views for a city.  In fact, Cape Town is probably one of my favorite places I have traveled, ever.  Beautiful weather, beautiful food, beautiful environment, beautiful prices, I mean everything was amazing here!  This is one of the must go to in your life!

*Note: I went during January, which was their summer time.

Side note: I was able to snatch a return plane ticket to Johannesburg for only HKD 50 (to everyone outside of HK that’s about USD 6.5).  Yup, HKD 50!!!  Not including tax and fuel surcharges of course, but still that all amounted to less than 20% of what it will usually cost me.  Had to thank my colleagues for letting me know about the 1st anniversary of fanfares by Cathay Pacific on the day of. Continue reading Cape Town Gorgeous