Visiting the Incredible Melk Abbey and Dürnstein Castle

Today began our six days tour of visiting different small towns in Austria and Czech Republic, our first stop being in Linz.  But before stopping by Linz, we actually stopped by the town of Melk to see Melk Abbey and also took a detour to see Dürnstein Castle.  We hired a driver through a tour agency called goEUgo (website) that also helped arranged us for our hotels.  If you’re looking for mandarin or cantonese speakers, they can definitely help you out, but do note that there are not that many Cantonese drivers available  We called a driver called Mr. Lau who was able to speak Cantonese.  We were very pleased with him throughout the entire trip because he was knowledgeable, super friendly and nice, and very punctual every time, and never complained once even if it meant working longer than what was supposed to be a 10 hour work day (we had shorter days on other days)

Anyway, while Dürnstein Castle was pretty cool to see, Melk Abbey seriously blew our minds off.  Dare I say it was quite possibly one of THE highlights of my 3 week trip.  It was beautifully designed, with a pastel yellow that made it look significant but yet humble, and special.  We also had some time on the way to our hotel that we also visited Stift St. Florian as well.  Lastly, I’ll be sharing with you our horrible experience in the hotel we stayed in, at ibis Style Hotel Linz. Continue reading Visiting the Incredible Melk Abbey and Dürnstein Castle