Four Day Itinerary in Vienna (Part One)

Before coming to Vienna, I had no idea, no preconception, no expectation of what this place would be like.  Besides knowing that it’s a place for music and that Mozart was a prominent figure in Vienna, and that Jay Chou loves to visit here, I had no idea what this place would look like or feel like.

After coming here, I have to say as a tourist, I enjoyed this place very much.  Amongst many places to visit as a tourist, I would rank Vienna to be high up compared with all the travel destinations I’ve been to.  Vienna has a lot of beautiful museums that showcases a lot of incredible and vibrant artwork and antique collections, the city is very safe and very clean and tidy (comparable to Japan standards, even their gardens are tended very well), and the architecture of different buildings were all stunning.  The museums offer a lot of its rich cultural history as well.

The city’s historic center, a UNESCO World Heritage site, showcases grand palaces, churches, and museums, such as the stunning Schönbrunn Palace, St. Stephen’s Cathedral, and the Belvedere Palace, which houses the famous artwork of Gustav Klimt. Vienna is also renowned for its classical music heritage, being the place where renowned composers like Mozart, Beethoven, and Strauss stayed, and home to the Vienna Philharmonic Orchestra. The city hosts numerous music festivals and concerts, including the world-famous Vienna Opera Ball. Additionally, Vienna is celebrated for its coffeehouse culture, offering a cozy and traditional atmosphere to enjoy coffee and pastries.

We were there for four days in Vienna, and I would like to share with you our 4-day itinerary that you can utilize as well for your next visit. Continue reading Four Day Itinerary in Vienna (Part One)

What Happens in Vegas, Stays In My Stomach

Las Vegas has always been one of my favorite destinations to go to; no other place matches its sinfulness, its exoticness, and its desirability.  My favorite time to arrive to Las Vegas driving from Los Angeles has always been when the sun is just about to set so that the lights from the Strip start to light up… it’s one of the most beautiful and exciting scenes to enter into.

Las Vegas StripLas Vegas strip at night – what a beauty.  This is the view from the Eiffel Tower Experience. Continue reading What Happens in Vegas, Stays In My Stomach

The Stallery

Random Encounter.  I met Ernie (Ernest Chang) through a mutual friend of ours at Tai Lung Fung.  After an unexpected drunken night, I was impressed by just how ridiculously smart he was and how passionate he is with photography.  So I decided to ask him if he was willing to do an interview with me and thankfully, he agreed.  A recovered drug addict with ADD, it seems that I have much more to learn from him than he has from me.  Through this interview, he has taught me how to appreciate the medium of photography in an in depth manner, an appreciation which is also applicable to life in general.  Ernie considers himself not a photographer, but as an artist in the medium of photography.  Enough with the intro, let’s continue on with the interview. Continue reading The Stallery