A Weekend In Shanghai

Yup you read that right; my friend and I spent a weekend in Shanghai back in Sept. 2011 when I just started having a full time job.  In need of a break, we decided to spend a weekend in Shanghai to destress, be young, and have fun.

Since this is a post that’s done more than 4 years after my trip, the exact stuff I’ve done is a bit hazy.  Instead, I’ll put up pictures and a bit of description of what these pictures represent.

Maybe it’s just me, but I found the Shanghainese people to be direct and aggressive sometimes, at least for the people I met.  Not all of them, maybe a few, some of them were really nice to us of course.

Anyway I am not sure how well their English was since we were speaking mainly Mandarin with them, so of course I suggest going there with someone that speaks Mandarin as well! Continue reading A Weekend In Shanghai