Ex NYC and LA Trip

Just a quick itinerary that I followed a few years back when I went to NYC and LA:


New York

  • Supreme
  • nouveauyork.com
  • Brooklyn Brewery
  • Central Park
  • Hipster towns in Brooklyn Williamsburg
  • Musical – The Book of Mormon
  • Soho
  • Chelsea Market
  • Sleep No More
  • Grand Central Oyster Bar
  • residentadvisor.net
  • MoMa
  • Littleneck ($1 oysters)
  • Upstairs 145 E. 50th Street
  • Strand Book Store, BookCourt, the powerhouse Arena
  • RedEgg, Blind Barber, La Esquina, Spotted Pig
  • Nightclubs: Pacha, Lavo, Casa Mono

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How To Plan The Perfect Family Camping Trip in United Kingdom

It goes without saying that life was a little different during lockdown – and the experience (aside from one too many zoom meetings), was a little different for each person, there were certain things that we were all looking forward to when we were trapped indoors. For example, the majority of people across the world spent this time dreaming about travelling once again (or working through their travel bucket list).  

While international travel is now possible, changing restrictions mean that booking a holiday has never been more difficult (or confusing). However, it’s important to remember that you don’t have to drift far from home in order to have a good holiday. For example, the UK is home to some of the most stunning scenery in the world – and these natural landscapes draw in thousands of tourists each year.

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Hong Kong Vaccination Lucky Draw Programs

As the city continues to combat and mitigate the spread of Covid 19, different companies and enterprises have started offering rewards and lucky draws for those who have been vaccinated.  This page is dedicated to showcase all the different schemes that are going on.

This page and website are not an endorsement nor a discouragement for vaccination; the choice for vaccination is embedded in multiple different factors for each individual, and as such each person should understand the benefits and risks prior to receiving vaccination.

Anyway, moving on to the good stuff:

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Things to Do In the Dubai Desert

When you visit the Dubai desert, you’ll understand why the Arabs feel such an intense devotion towards it. The seemingly seamless desert of Dubai with its red dunes is the true home of Arabs from around the world. By experiencing the desert, you too, get to share in this legacy. So get ready for your desert safari in Dubai, to explore the fascinating contrast of virgin blue skies with red sands and to ponder its mystical silence.  Listen to the strange susurration of the granules of sand as they move with the breeze. Let the magic seep in!

*this post was guest written by Neha from dubaiwikia.com

(if you’d like to do any of the activities below, visit RAYNA TOURS at https://www.raynatours.com/city-tours/tours-by-type/Desert-Safari-Tours-11694.aspx) Continue reading Things to Do In the Dubai Desert

Bespoke Fashion Design and Tailoring with June Woonamy

Tucked in the corner of Lok Ku Road and Upper Lascar Row, a street with antiques, vintage items, flowers, and a growing number of coffee cafés, June Woonamy’s whimsical shop has a mysterious charm that invites those who pass by to stumble upon its diverse collection of unique artisanal outfits.  I spoke with Brandice, founder and artistic direction of June Woonamy, and Luke on their background stories, their business, and their outlook and advice for fashion designers in Hong Kong. Continue reading Bespoke Fashion Design and Tailoring with June Woonamy

June Woonamy 定制時裝設計和裁縫

座落於樂古道與摩羅上街交界,與古董懷舊小物店、花店以及愈來愈多的咖啡店為鄰,這間令人稱奇的小店 June Woonamy有著神秘的魅力,令路過的人都不其然被他們一系列獨特、並由傳統匠人手工製作的服裝所吸引。透過這次訪問,我們可從Brandice,June Woonamy的創辦人及藝術總監,以及Luke了解更多有關品牌背後的故事、他們的生意、展望以及對香港時裝設計師的忠告。 Continue reading June Woonamy 定制時裝設計和裁縫

Start Up Advice Directory

I’m also into startups as well; something that’s deep inside of me, that entrepreneurial mindset, so well why not create another category for that.  This page is dedicated to websites for startup resources, tips, advices, useful tools pitch decks, etc.  When I talk about startups, usually I’m talking about things that can scale in size, not like small medium enterprises like a restaurant or a coffee cafe. Continue reading Start Up Advice Directory

Interesting Websites on Travel

Wow.  It’s been a loooong time since I posted.  Obvious reason being that I haven’t travelled this entire year, so really there’s been nothing to post about.  Even in the city, I’ve been staying at home mainly.

Anyway, I realised that sometimes I would encounter articles and posts about travel and hotels, so I wanted to keep a directory for you and for myself to keep a reference of.  Feel free to come here to find interesting articles and websites to entertain yourself whenever you’re feeling the need to be entertained. Continue reading Interesting Websites on Travel

Tai Nan Street 大南街 – the Taiwan of Hong Kong? Boutique shops, cafes, indie music, and more

I had zero intention of writing this blog post.  Even when I first stumbled across the street, the thought hadn’t crossed my mind.

After having lunch at the prominent and long established名寶石餐廳 Tiffany Restaurant, I had some spare time and wanted to head over to White Noise Records, since I was already at Prince Edward’s.  Google Maps suggested it was an 11 minute walk from where I was.

White Noise Records was one of the few record stores in Hong Kong that sold indie music, from vinyls to CDs to merchandises, featuring Japanese, American, Hong Kong local artists etc.  It used to be upstairs in an unassuming building, but apparently that’s all changed as it has relocated to Tai Nan Street.

Upon arriving to the area, a lot of boutique cafés, stores, leather shops, terrarium shops greeted me.  They stood out because of how its exterior look was far different from its adjacent shops, the newer ones being far more elegant and clean.  What used to be the “ugly duckling” was turning into a beautiful swan. Continue reading Tai Nan Street 大南街 – the Taiwan of Hong Kong? Boutique shops, cafes, indie music, and more